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A Real Pay Rise

Abolish the unfair public sector pay cap. The NSW Government is capping essential worker’s pay below the cost of living. Workers should be allowed to negotiate fair pay rises.

Fix the Staffing Crisis 

Because of poor working conditions more than 2 in 3 essential workers are thinking of leaving their jobs in the NSW Public Sector. NSW must ensure there are enough staff per shift in every public service, fix the hours of work and fund a safety regulator that will actually keep workers safe at work. 

End Privatisation: 

The NSW Government must end the privatisation of our public services. Privatised electricity and roads have contributed to soaring energy costs and tolls. Funding cuts and selling off campuses have decimated TAFE. The NSW Government must properly fund public services and use its procurement power to lift standards across the economy.

Rebuild Manufacturing and Local Services: 

Stop the outsourcing and offshoring of services and projects. No more overseas built trains that don’t fit the tracks, ferries that don’t fit under bridges and tram rails that crack. NSW must manufacture trains, ferries, trams and buses in Australia and rebuild our skills and training system.

Stop Undercutting Permanent Jobs:  

Secure jobs shouldn’t be replaced with insecure work. More than half of all school staff and 1 in 5 healthcare workers are now casual or contract-to-contract in NSW. Spending on wealthy consultants has doubled since the Liberal-Nationals came to power. The NSW Government must create permanent stable jobs to deliver the services our communities need. If you work the same job, you deserve the same pay!

Until the NSW State Election

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