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The last few years have been tough for everyone, but Premier Perrottet’s Liberal National Government have made things worse by capping the pay of exhausted essential workers below the cost of living. 


Now NSW is at risk of losing thousands of essential workers who are fed up with poor pay, less staff doing more work, and a government who has chosen to ignore the problem.

Our campaign “Essential Workers Deserve Better” will change this by making supporting essential workers a defining issue that ALL parties at the 2023 NSW state election and beyond must act on.

It is a community campaign seeking to support and retain skilled essential workers to ensure high quality services across our state.


1. A Fair Pay Rise

Scrap the public sector wages cap. We need wages that keep up with the cost of living.

2. Fix the Staffing Crisis

NSW needs to employ enough staff per shift across our public services.

3. End Privatisation

Privatisation hurts everyone. It’s time for it to end.

4. Rebuild Local Manufacturing and Services

Stop the outsourcing and offshoring of services and projects. NSW can build it and do it here.

5. Same Job, Same Pay

We need an end to the driving down of wages and conditions for working people through labour hire and consultants.

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